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Audeze LCD-XC Over Ear Closed Back Headphone

Audeze LCD-XC Over Ear Closed Back Headphone

Audeze LCD-XC Over Ear Closed Back Headphone, Carbon Weave earcups withSuspension Headband, Creator Edition with Economy Carry case – New 2021Version

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This is the latest advancement of our famous LCD-XC (effective March 2021). Many say the LCD-XC is the most neutral of any closed-back headphone; and it certainly has the widest soundstage. They’re used by sound engineers and musicians to create the most accurate recordings. Just Google Manny Marroquin, Stuart Hawkes, Frank Filipetti, Ed Cherney, George Massenburg, Elliot Scheiner, or Brent Burge for a few examples of our Audeze users. They do a great job of translating your mix to the real world. The XC and its brother, the open-back X, are sensitive enough to be driven directly by portable players like iPods, iPhones, and some of the better smartphones, but you’ll enjoy much better sound with an external amplifier. Its impedance is 20 ohms.
NOTE: This is the latest version of this model, the LCD-XC effective March, 2021, and replaces he previous model, ASIN: B08J2SCXBM
THE BEST CLOSED-BACK HEADPHONES – Your favorite music erupts from a silent background taking on a life of its own. The sense of space is enormous, the midrange and high frequencies offer fantastic detail. Get the benefits of planar magnetic headphones with increased isolation and greatly reduced ambient noise with this closed-back design.
PLANAR MAGNETIC HEADPHONES – Audeze’s 100mm Planar Magnetic drivers let you experience clear and accurate sound thanks to a near weightless diaphragm, plus you get the benefits of our Fazor Elements (sound wave guides) for more realistic imaging and phase response.
AUDEZE QUALITY SOUND – The LCD-XC planar magnetic headphones accurately reveal everything on the recording with a dynamic, nimble, neutral and transparent quality. Meet the ultimate tool for recording engineers, musicians and audiophiles alike.
HAND CRAFTED IN CALIFORNIA: Every LCD-XC headphone is engineered and meticulously handcrafted then rigorously tested and calibrated before leaving our Southern California facility. NOTE: The only change from the previous Maple and Bubinga wood versions of this model is the substitution of the new carbon weave earcups. Everything else remains unchanged. “Fantastic bass performance, powerful, taut and fast, with real slam, beautifully defined and extremely well differentiated.” – Hi Fidelity

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