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Replacement Ear Pads for NC700: A Complete Guide

Replacement Ear Pads for NC700: A Complete Guide


Replacement Ear Pads for NC700: A Complete Guide

Upgrade the comfort of your NC700 headphones with these replacement ear pads. Easy to install and made from high-quality materials.

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Replacement Ear Pads for NC700

Premium Replacement NC700 Ear Pads / NC700 UC Pads Cushions Compatiblewith Bose NC700 Headphones / Bose Noise Cancelling 700 Headphones /Bose NC700 UC Headphones (Grey). Great Comfort / Durability

Your Noise Cancelling 700 headphones / NC700 headphones have been by your side for years. They have been there for you on public transport, during travels and when you just want to forget the world around you. They have stood the test of time so you could enjoy your favorite beats. However, with how often we use our NC700 headphones / NC700 UC headphones, we tend not to notice how bad the headphone ear pads can deteriorate. There is nothing worse than a great set of Noise Cancelling 700 headphones / NC700 headphones losing their comfort and their quiet! 

Deformed, worn-out NC700 ear pads / NC700 UC ear pads ruin your listening experience. If your Noise cancelling 700 ear pads / NC700 ear pads start feeling rough when you put them on, and the materials are cracking and crumbling, then it’s definitely time for new headphone cushions. Revive your comfort and listening experience and make your headphones new again with a set of these great replacement ear pads for your NC 700 headphones / NC 700 UC headphones. These newly designed replacement NC 700 pads / NC 700 UC pads use soft high-density foam and a premium protein leather that conforms to your ears to provide personalized long-lasting comfort while listening to your favorite tunes.


Crisp, clear sound and great comfort is what we all want from our NC 700 headphones / C 700 UC headphones. The premium protein leather and soft high-density foam make these Noise Cancelling replacement pads / NC700 replacement pads feel great, but do not forget what keeps us coming back for more, great sound! These NC 700 ear pads / NC 700 UC ear pads use extra strong seams with heat sealing (Outer) and stitching (Inner) to not only stop splitting, but help increase sound isolation of your prized headphones.

MAKE YOUR NC700 headphones GREAT AGAIN! – Those old NC700 ear pads / Noise Cancelling 700 ear pads are warped, peeling and probably stinky! Don’t let your $350 headphones waste away! Grab a set of these premium NC700 replacement pads to rescue your headphones performance and get you back into the music.

MAKE YOUR EARS HAPPY – Old worn out NC700 ear pads / Noise Cancelling 700 ear pads can cause mega discomfort with your NC700 headphones / Noise Cancelling 700 headphones. These new NC700 replacement pads / Noise Cancelling 700 replacement pads use a soft, high-density foam and premium protein leather designed to conform to your ears and provide long-lasting comfort while you are jamming to your favorite beats.

PERFORMANCE AND DURABILITY YOU WANT – You got your NC700 headphones / NC700 UC headphones to help silence the world and focus on those tunes. New NC700 ear cushions / NC700 UC ear cushions are vital to revive the sound you love. Their seams are extra strong using heat sealing (Outer) and stitching (Inner) to not only stop splitting, but help increase sound isolation of your prized headphones.

INSTALLATION AS EASY AS 1-2-3 – Your NC700 headphones / NC700 UC headphones will be back in business with these new NC700 replacement ear pads / NC700 UC replacement ear pads. These replacement headphone cushions can be installed quick and easy using our detailed video guide. Find the link on the product insert or watch this guide now on YouTube, search for ‘NC700 ear pad installation by AHG’

Everything you need to fix your NC700 headphones – You get 2 new Noise Cancelling 700 replacement ear pads along with 2 x new AHG black and shadow grey lined hair screens in this NC700 headphones / Noise Cancelling 700 headphones fixer-upper kit. Your headphones will be totally refreshed and thanking you!

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